Start Right. Be Genuine. Add Value.

It’s time to reinvent the industry. It’s time to be more than just a real estate agent. It’s time to let your humanity show and build real connections. Build real tribes. Add value to real people… And when the time comes, help them with real estate.

One of the Best Decisions I Made...

Getting into real estate was one of the best decisions of my life. I’ve made great money, grown as a person and met amazing people.




It Was Also One of the Hardest...

As with any start up business I had to grind it out. The first two years were tough and I struggled to get traction.



And I Saw Others Struggle Too...

I wasn’t alone. For over a decade I’ve seen others struggle just as I did starting out, spinning their wheels.



I Wondered Why This Problem Prevailed...

Seeing this predictable problem, I realized most were getting into real estate ill-prepared with no idea where to start.





No one, it seems, wants to “gamble” on the Pre-licensee. And as a result there isn’t much out there for some to wrap their head around what starting a real estate business really takes. In fact, this lack of preparation has resulted in appalling income for agents with less than 2 years experience. According to the National Association of Realtors the average income for an agent with less than two years experience is $8500… A YEAR!



What I’ve realized over the years, and wish I had known from the start, is that everyone (almost) has real estate in their life plans. The want to move up, down size, buy their first home or buy a rental property. Real Estate is interesting to people. And most, if you stopped them on the street today, would have something they want in Real Estate and it’s not what they have now.



If so many have real estate in their life plans then why is the average income for a new agent only $8500 a year?  The trick is to have the right conversations that have people open up about their life plans. Real Estate is first a Lead Generation business. As a business you need leads. Without leads you don’t have a business and people don’t just fall in your lap or show up at your door. You have to find them. The best way to do that is to connect with people and be interested in their life. Be a real person not a sales person.



Start up businesses in Silicon Valley will work on their business plan and Concept for 6 months BEFORE they pitch to an investor. And that’s BEFORE they’ve even opened for business!  In real estate, we take the 100+ hour course so we can take the test and off we go.  What was missing, and what I wanted to create, was a Roadmap for people BEFORE they got into real estate. I wanted to give them every advantage possible so they could have the opposite of the average start most make in this business.

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