My name is Chris Angell. I currently live in Washington State but grew up in Portland, Oregon. Go Lincoln Cardinals! I love teaching real estate agents how to build their businesses in a way that fits who they are.

I now work 15-20 hours a week and make what I made as a full time CEO. Which is great because I have a 5 and 7 year old and a beautiful wife I love to spend time with. (really – she’s beautiful. You can see for yourself here).  It’s also great because I, like others, have many ideas I want to implement and now I have time to pursue the ones most interesting to me. Now I’m free to pursue my Higher Purpose of Business.

Through this site and my iTunes podcast my goal is to teach you how to do the same.

I started selling real estate in 2001 after working for Starbucks for 2 years. Though I had studied for my Masters in Education at Pacific Lutheran University I found a huge passion for business.  The first book I read that hooked me for business and investing was Rich Dad Poor Dad. I couldn’t read fast enough. Within a few months I had moved through most of Kiyosaki’s recommended reading list including Good to Great by Jim Collins, The E-Myth by Michael Gerber and Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill.  I sold for 6 and a half years before being offered the position as CEO for a real estate franchise across the state where I ran that company for 5 years.

In May of 2011 I started my own boutique coaching company and left my role as CEO of a multi-million dollar real estate franchise. I attended a class in the Winter of 2010 that I would qualify as a spiritual marker in my life. My Aha moment was that I wasn’t spending the majority of my time inside my unique abilities which I believe are speaking, teaching, and coaching.  At that moment I made a 6 month transition plan and by May started my coaching company, Think.




I heard that saying from an amazing lady, Mo Anderson. I love that! If all we ever do is sell another house or take another listing, who cares?  At some point I think we burn out on that. What ignites passion for people is the stuff they love, the stuff they’re drawn to. And at some point when people have their fill of toys, they look at the things they want to do for others. They look at the differences they want to make. That’s what I believe is your Higher Purpose of Business.

So what’s my Higher Purpose of Business?

Said like a mission statement it is: To inspire, restore and develop people to be their very best. Said in more of a conversational tone: I’m here to help other people find their Higher Purpose of Business.

I do that through unique perspective, helping others see how they’re wired, what they like, what they’re drawn to and how to monetize that so they can fund their life and their difference.




I can remember in college saying I wanted to teach to the masses. As a speaker and trainer I’m able to reach the masses much easier through the web. My intention is to create an online environment that inspires, restores and develops people. You can count on me for honest approaches and unique perspective. My hope is for you to step more fully into who you already are and build a business, through proper perspective, that increases your joy, reduces or eliminates your stress and has you live a life you love.

Thank you for getting to know me a little here. I hope to connect with you through this site.

To Your Sucess,

Chris Angell

Author | Speaker | Coach